Archive for the ‘football’ Tag v0.1c – Live Results in your Terminal

Remember ? Of course not, but now it is hosted in Google Code!
A minor update which show the date is available also..
Check it out if you may..

PS. I know, summer is a dead period (unless Euro or World Cup is in the near future). Damn!

Advertisements v0.1b – Live Results in your Terminal

I am not a Football fan (to be more precise I am not a sports fan), neither watching, nor playing. However I like to keep up with the results, because not knowing who won and lost, leaves you behind with your colleagues and the things they talk. Although I myself enjoy watching with company (go go Ergotelis), I just would do it alone!
Enough with the useless information, I made a simple Python Script, based on the results from which can show all the football results availabe. Default is Greece (less keystrokes for myself) but almost all countries all available, just type -list

choose your country, and then england

It is still in beta, and any comments will help 🙂

UPDATE: Now hosted in Google Code!

Python 2.5.2 and above (not tested in 3)